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The Hope

In China for the wedding of the daughter of the President of the Jewish Community or in Europe for a private event, Francky Perez and his band has also been chosen for the official ceremony facing the Eiffel Tower for Yom Haatsmaout 60 attended by 30,000 people. For that special occasion, they released their own version of Hatikva that reached over one million views.

(Writer, Co-Singer, Producer)


Never Forget

As the generation of survivors dwindles and coming generations grow up void of personal contact with these fact-tellers, it is vital to find new ways to tell the dreadful stories of the Shoah.

Never Forget's intent is to awake the younger generation's sensitivity so they can probe this somber period in our history.

Premiered on JLTV before the official ceremony of the Holocaust Remembrance Day in the presence of Israël's President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahou.  (Writer, Singer, Producer)


Havana Guila

From the record Tel Aviv Havana, first production mixing Jewish traditional music and authentic salsa. 

Recorded in Havana, Cuba and Medellin, Colombia.

Masterised in New York city.

(Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Singer)

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